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How Send From Excel Add-In works

This video is a complete overview of how the add-in works from installation, optional customising of your Sender ID (FROM number), then how to send a text message from your Excel list.

Quick installation guide

The install software should automatically place the add-in on your Excel ribbon (top menu in Excel). But sometimes it does not happen. This quick video shows you how to find the add-in.

User Guide - PDF Download

The User Guide you can download to your PC. Contains 7 pages of detailed information on setup through to sending simple and personalised SMS to your list.


Will this software work on a Mac?

No, this software is for Windows computers and Surface only.

How can I tell if my PC is 32 bit or 64 bit?

On your PC go to: Settings > System > About > Device Specifications: System Type (it will show 32 or 64 bit).

What happens if I installed the wrong version?

Simply uninstall the wrong version via your Control Panel UNINSTALL A PROGRAM. When you have completely uninstalled from your PC, contact us with your unique order number, and we'll send you the correct version.

After I click the setup file, I get an error saying that the software cannot be found.

The software will only install if it is actually on your PC such as your computer's C-Drive or Downloads or Desktop or another local folder. If the software is on Google Drive, OneDrive or any external link, simply download it to your PC and try again.

I'm getting a warning from Windows that this software may be unsafe. What do I do?

This is normal and good that Windows is protecting your PC! However, our software is safe. Click More Info then Run Anyway to start installation.

What are the requirements to use this software?

You'll need a Windows PC, Excel 2016 or above, internet connection, an account with Twilio or Nexmo with enough SMS credits.

How can I tell if my SMS' have gone out?

You can click the Get Status button for a delivery report. Also, Twilio and Nexmo should also show delivery reports in your account.

How many characters can I use for a custom SenderID?

11 characters including spaces is the ideal length to display nicely on most phones.

NOTE: some countries (India, Indonesia) will block SMS that come from a word, or come from outside the country. India can be notoriously difficult due to the strict Do Not Disturb register. If it doesn't work with a customised SenderID, remove the SenderID from the add-in and try with your virtual number. Please note we do not offer refunds if the SenderID does not work for your country, as this is out of our hands. Check first with Twilio or Nexmo if they allow customised SenderID's before buying our add-in.

Can I get replies?

The add-in doesn't have a facility to handle replies, but your Twilio or Nexmo account should have info on how you can get replies using your virtual number that you rent from them.

Do you offer free support?

Absolutely. If you have issues, just email us

I don't want to use Twilio or Nexmo. Do you customise for another provider?

Yes we can, but we do charge extra for this. Please email us for a quote. or use the form below.

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