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sms from excel spreadsheet

Install on your Windows PC

After installation, access add-in from Add-Ins menu in your worksheet.

Customise the SenderID

SMS can be FROM your name or word (11 characters max).

Easy To Use

No need to login to a platform! Send it all from Excel.

Easy to use

SMS From Excel Add-in sits within your Excel spreadsheet. It's easily accessed from the menu, with easy Settings.

sms from excel
screenshot sms sending screen

You choose what data to use

Send a simple SMS or you can personalise each message with placeholders that match the data in your columns and rows.

Option to customise your SenderID

You can use your own business name as the FROM. Note that some countries block word Sender IDs so please test first.

screenshot of sms sending panel

View quick video to see how it works

 sms from excel video

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